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Come Visit Us...

805 Rowing Club / Oxnard, California

One of the best ways to decide if rowing is for you is to come and experience it, so why not drop us a line and arrange some times to visit.


We offer free introductory sessions where you can watch and try while getting to meet the team, ask lots of questions, and see if this incredible sport is something you want to become a part of. Ideally we feel that at least 2-3 sessions provides a suitable time frame to assess properly whether this is the sport for you, however, if you can only manage 1 or 2, that's fine.

Here's how your visits may look.

  • Visit 1:

    • a quick lesson on a rowing machine (erg) to show you the basics

    • join the coaches to watch a water session and what's involved 

    • we might even be able to get you in a boat, though usually we do that in the second visit.

  • Visit 2:

    • another quick lesson on the rowing machine (erg)

    • then it's into a boat so you can experience a little more

  • Visit 3:

    • this third visit allows the mind and body to have processed the actions from the previous lesson

    • a refresher on the erg before another lesson in a boat

    • if time allows, a quick land training session to see a little of the physical land training we do

What to wear

We don't expect you to purchase the correct clothing just for a visit, but we do have a few guidelines which will help you get the best out of your time with us. You can still visit and try out if you don't have the clothing outlined below.

805 Rowing Club Southwest Regional Champ
  1. When possible, wear tighter fitting clothing. Avoid:

    • hoodies or tops which have pockets or zips through the middle

    • longer baggy shorts. 

  2. Please make sure you have applied sunblock, even on overcast days. 

  3. Wearing sunglasses and a cap is definitely advised.

  4. Please bring a water bottle; hydration is important, even if you are just observing. 

Don't forget, rowing offers many more benefits beyond the deep friendships, physical and mental strength, and immense sense of achievement garnered through this sport. We've listed a few here and can expand more on these when we meet you.

Details of where we are located will be provided once we are in contact. So don't delay... drop us a line and let's get your rowing career started. 



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