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Novice Teams

The men's and women's novice teams are open to any high school student in their first year of competitive rowing. No rowing experience is necessary to join the novice team. If an athlete has been rowing for the recreational or middle school team but has not had any experience racing, they are considered a novice until after their first year of racing. The novice teams train at a competitive level while learning the skills and laying the foundation for a successful high school and college rowing career.

Varsity Teams

The men's and women's varsity teams are open to any athletes with at least one year of competitive rowing experience. There is a range of abilities on each varsity team; rowing ability does not determine whether an athlete is a novice or a varsity rower, only the number of years they have been competing. The men's and women's varsity teams regularly compete in sweep and sculling events, as well as open weight and lightweight events.  

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