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805 Rowing Club / Oxnard, California
805 Rowing Club / Oxnard, California
805 Rowing Club / Oxnard, California

At the start of 2016, Harrison Zilli, then a junior at Oaks Christian High School in Westlake Village, CA, decided he wanted launch a high school rowing club for all high school students in the Ventura County area. Much though he loved his rowing experience, traveling to Marina Del Ray where he was rowing and training from his home in Simi Valley, CA, was taking up too much time. He wanted something closer to home which would mean he could spend more time rowing and less time traveling.


He also wanted a way he could share his new found passion with his fellow high school students from the surrounding area of Ventura County; a place where they could all experience the 'ultimate team sport'. The 805 Rowing Club was born. 


The 805 Rowing Club’s mission is to provide middle and high school students in Ventura county the opportunity to train and compete in the sport of rowing. The 805 Rowing Club is focused on providing a comprehensive training program in order to strengthen its student-athletes’ personal development.  It is the club’s goal to foster a sense of team spirit while helping athletes develop both physical and mental strength and broaden their horizons as they learn to trust and support teammates while establishing their own sense of confidence and commitment.


The 805 Rowing Club will also provide need based scholarships for families who are unable to afford the full costs of club membership. We want to ensure that any athlete who is interested in learning how to row and whose family are facing financial hardship will be afforded the opportunity to participate in the sport of rowing.


The 805 Rowing Club rows and trains at the Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, Ca. 



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